Dates: last Sunday in February and first Sunday in November

2007: 25. February und 4. November
2008: 23. February und 3. November

Time: 1. period: 09.00 - 11.00 UTC
2. period: 15.00 - 17.00 UTC

Stations to be worked: all, once per band and period

Categories: 1- HSC-Members (max. 150W Output),
2- non Members (max. 150W Output),
3- QRP Station (max. 5W Output), (members and non-members)
4- SWLs

Frequencies: 3,5 MHz; 7 MHz; 14 MHz; 21 MHz; 28 MHz;
(prefer 10 to 30 kHz from the lower band edges)

Mode: only CW

Exchange: HSC-members: RST + HSC-Nr memberschip number, e.g. 599 / 1730,
Non-members: RST + "NM", e.g. 599 / NM

Points: 5 points for QSOs with HSC members,
1 point for contacts with non-members

Total score: sum of QSO points

Logs: Log files on disks or via e-mail (ASCII text files or files of common contest computer software like LM, CT, QW, PCProfiLog, ...; ADIF, STF files preferred) are welcome.
Please state your call and class in the subject-line. The log shall be named just with your call.
Subject: DL3BZZ, Class 1
Log: DL3BZZ.adi or DL3BZZ.lmf or DL3BZZ.stf, ...
E-mail log entries are valid only after confirmation by the contest manager.

For SWL's: The same station may appear in the log only five times (max.) per period and band

Deadline: 6 weeks after the contest (postmark)

Awards: Since 1998 the "HSC Contest Champion of the Year" is elected each year.
To be eligible for this award you have to win both contests in one year.
You may change the categories from one contest to the other, i.e. HSC member (1) and QRP (3) or Non-member (2) and SWL (4). The winner will receive a special award.

Contestmanager: Lutz Schroeer, DL3BZZ,
Am Niederfeld 6,
D-35066 Frankenberg / Eder,
hsccontest at gmail.com
Fax: (+49) 0721 - 151526877

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